Lo-fi Sci-fi 48 Hour Film Challenge

What Happened?

On a Friday evening in late August 2012, seven teams gathered at the Site 3 coLaboratory. Each team randomly chose dialogue, a prop, and music, and then were turned loose onto the city with the task of creating a lo-fi sci-fi short to be screened only a few days later.

lo-fi sci-fi screeningAll teams came back with wildly entertaining shorts. Our esteemed judges awarded Adam Clare and his team’s scarcitY the Best Short award, and Darryl Gold and his team’s Attack of the Fifty Foot Goo Man the Best use of Dialogue, Prop and Music Award.

What Next?

We’ll be presenting the shorts over the next several months on our website, organizing salons for those interested in the lo-fi sci-fi genre, posting relevant articles, and ultimately hosting another Lo-fi Sci-fi 48 Hour Film Challenge.

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What Now?

First, a big thank-you to all those involved in making the first ever lo-fi sci-fi Challenge a huge success!

Second, we present our winners of the 2012 lo-fi sci-fi film challenge.

scarcitY, winner of the Best Short Award

Attack of the Fifty Foot Goo Man, winner of the Best use of Dialogue, Prop and Music Award