Frequently Asked Questions

How will it work?

On August 24th at 7pm, the Challengers will go to a secret coLaboratory hidden in an alley. They will receive their creative prompts, which will be:

(Which musician or author contribution your team receives will be randomly assigned.)

The Challengers will go home and absorb their prompts. They need to integrate two of the three prompts into their final short, which must have a runtime of 5:00 minutes or less, and be uploaded by 7pm Sunday evening.

The idea behind the prompts is to provide inspiration, but also to discourage exhaustive preparation.  Some preparation is OK: you might have an idea of the kind of short you want to shoot, and scout a location in advance that would suit that. Or you might be excited to go into it with nothing but your camera and imagination.

What the hell’s lo-fi sci-fi?

Lo-fi indie rock was a reaction against over-produced stadium rock — similarly, we’re tired of the massive science-fiction blockbusters that are more about spectacle than speculation.

Lo-fi sci-fi movies are different. Instead of fancy effects and CGI backdrops, the focus shifts to engaging ideas, increased ingenuity and inventive storytelling.

You don’t need a huge cash to tell a compelling story. And let’s face it, big budgets don’t necessarily result in great movies. I mean, how many Hollywood movies have you seen that suck the big fat one?

Where can I shoot?

Anywhere that’s legally permissible. And if it’s not legally permissible, then don’t get caught.

Can I do this on my own?

You sure can.

Once I’ve signed up, can I still add more people to my team?

For sure.

How many people can I have on my team?

As many or as few people as you want. Most teams tend to have between 2-8 people but every project’s different so you do whatever works for you.

Any limits on content?

If it supports your story, then anything goes.

Is there a maximum amount that my team can spend?

The only limit is what your bank account will allow. Whether you want to spend $50 on mics, $10 on props, or $502 on an ex-football coach that yells “MOVE, MOVE, YOU LOLLYGAGGLING SISSIES!” your budget is yours to use as you see fit.

What if my movie is longer than 5 minutes?

Cut it down! You can save the director’s cut to your hard drive.