The first ever lo-fi sci-fi challenge was a true community effort, and we’re grateful to all involved.

Behind the Scenes

Executive Director: Sean Lerner
Creative Director: Jim Munroe
Associate Producer: Sasha Thomas
Consultant: Anthony Cortese
Consultant: Tate Young
Distribution Assistance: Chris Mills
Casting Assistance: Elysia White
Web Design: Syd Fernandez
Print and lo-fi sci-fi Still Design: Katharine Miller
Illustration: Sanford Kong
Astro Overlay: Gary Collver

Dialogue Contributors

Cory Doctorow
Jim Munroe
Charlie Stross
Peter Watts

Music Contributors

Laura Barrett
Jim Guthrie
Mike Lerner
Bob Wiseman

Salon Speakers

Louis Savy, Programmer for SCI-FI-LONDON
Matthew Nayman (“Blind Spot“) who spoke about quick and dirty visual effects
David Fernandes (“Re-Wire“) who spoke about props and sets on the cheap
Shawn, Manuel, Clinton and Freya who spoke about their upcoming feature A Brand New You


Evan Georgiades
Gareth McGorman
David Fernandes


The Monarch Tavern
Site 3
The Cultural Gutter
Ultra 8


Adam D. Axbey and his Team
Darryl Gold and his Team
Adam Clare and his Team
Sasha Thomas and her Team
Jim Munroe and his Team
Chris Mills and his Team
Tate Young and his Team


So many wonderful people.. to take in everyone’s efforts!